Our Story

3rd Force Communication Coaching Offering offers a Paradigm Shift in Communication: Learning To Inhabit a Different Part of You. We offer extraordinary, yet practical, methods that empower you to: • Make Clear Choices With Purpose • Step Into Willingness • Establish and Honor Healthy Boundaries • Speak With Authority While Remaining Open • Learn To Give and Receive Authentic Acknowledgement • Listen and Speak Without Judgment • Overcome Personal Fears • Negotiate with Clarity & Authenticity • Release Judgment in the Moment • Live with Vision and Purpose

LEI-ANNA BERTELSEN, Co-Owner and Trainer of 3rd Force Communication Coaching and Consulting BS in Psychology plus 2 year Teacher’s Certification to Teach in California from Santa Clara University, Masters in Math Education, More to Life EmPowerment Coach since January 2010, More to Life Trainer Candidate 2016. Lei-Anna is married to Troy for 21 years and mother of their three children. She has been an educator for 26 years. She has taught and consulted for K-12 schools in California, South Carolina and Montana. She is an instructional coach developing models and facilitating professional development in several school districts. Lei-Anna is most interested in helping others make sustainable changes in their professional and personal practices. TROY BERTELSEN, Co-Owner and Trainer of 3rd Force Communication Coaching and Consulting BS in Psychology w/emphasis in Learning, Behavior Modification, and Motivation from Montana State University in 1995 and a Power of Connection Empowerment Coach since January 2010. Troy has been a fitness and health educator and trainer for 33 years. For the past 7 years he has been turning his attention to training the brain for increased longevity including physical and emotional health. Now combining all his learning in the areas of physical, mental and emotional training Troy is working with individuals and organizations on how to best improve human capital, potential, performance, connection and communication. Troy is most interested in helping others wake up to their true potential and live life fully at home, at work and in community.